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Fatal motorcycle accidents

The Personal Injury Advocates aggressively pursue justice for victims involved in fatal motorcycle accidents.

In a fatal motorcycle accident, we work aggressively on behalf of the family of the victim. The laws related to Georgia wrongful death cases generally apply to fatal motorcycle accidents. Wrongful death laws allow a surviving spouse to recover for medical and funeral expenses, lost income of the loved one, and emotional loss from the death of that person who was so important to them.

Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere. A fatal motorcycle accident may occur at high speeds (a highway motorcycle accident), or it may be caused by drunk driver who runs a red light or stop sign at an intersection. A significant threat to motorcyclists involves a driver making a left turn in front of or into a motorcycle that is proceeding straight through the intersection in the opposite direction. Even at low speeds, a motorcycle intersection accident can be fatal, particularly if a delivery truck or other large vehicle strikes the motorcycle.

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