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Rape and Sexual Assault

The Personal Injury Advocates understand how traumatic rape and sexual assault can be for victims!

As a former prosecutor, our managing partner knows that it takes courage to pursue a legal charge against an assailant. We urge victims to not only hold their assailants accountable, but to hold those accountable who failed to provide adequate security that would have prevented the assault from occurring.

Georgia premises liability law requires property owners and managers to provide safe premises for patrons and guests. Negligent security may involve improperly functioning room locks, which could allow an intruder to gain access to a hotel room. Negligent security also may involve failure to prevent someone from parking in an unmonitored location where a sexual assault might occur.

Inadequate security measures may take the form of :

  • Inadequate or insufficient security staff
  • Failure to adequately screen guests and/or visitors
  • Inadequate lighting in stairwells or parking lots
  • Malfunctioning door locks
  • Non-operable security cameras or phones


Every day, we fight for the rights of sexual assault victims.

No matter the circumstances, sexual assault is traumatic. Let us help with the healing process.

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