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Negligent Building Maintenance

The Personal Injury Advocates represent victims of negligent building maintenance!

When a negligent building maintenance accident happens, insurance companies urge injury victims to settle for little to nothing. Instead, call one of our reputable advocates to build the strongest case possible.

Injuries from negligent building maintenance can happen at a private home, a public place like a department store, or on government-owned property if the premises have not been made reasonably safe for visitors. While building maintenance can't foresee every possible event, property owners are required to ensure that the minimum standard operating procedures are properly followed to ensure one’s safety.

Severe injuries related to negligent building maintenance may include broken bones or spinal cord injuries. These are examples of negligent building maintenance :

  • Improperly maintained fencing
  • Non-working Fire or burglar alarms
  • Improperly secured railings or poor lighting in stairwells


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