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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)OFFICE UPDATES: McKibben Johnson Law Firm Update

24 Mar 2020
CIA Media Group

This isn’t business as usual. This isn’t a new normal. We’re working from home, at least those of us who can. We, in our various ways, are trying to make light of our situation. But, our citizens are dying. I’m a Christian. I am a woman of Faith. As such, our current circumstances are breaking my heart. Our citizens who are infected in New York are outnumbering the capacity for treatment. Our doctors, nurses, and medical staff are risking their lives to save ours. God, I pray for them.

This virus is real, and we have to operate in WISDOM. Operating in wisdom does not equate to responding in fear. WE have to do better by each other. Stay home. Please stay home. Let’s do our part. We can’t do this without each other. We need each other now.

Peace, blessings, and God’s protection. Amen.

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