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Bus Accidents

The Personal Injury Advocates will zealously fight for injured victims of bus accident cases!

One of the most common causes of bus accidents is poorly maintained or out-of-adjustment brakes. As with an accident involving trucking equipment maintenance, a bus accident may include multiple parties responsible for the equipment failure.

The other principal cause of bus accidents is driver fatigue. A bus accident caused by a drowsy driver may put entire youth groups, senior tour groups, or families in danger. As with cases involving commercial trucking driver fatigue, the company, as well as the driver, may have some responsibility.

Further legal complexity may challenge bus accident victims if the bus was a municipal bus, as governmental regulations and protocols can make the claims process drag on and on.

A bus accident has brought unexpected changes to your home life, your ability to work, and how you support your family. Call 770-854-0400 today. Our experienced advocates have helped victims just like you get the justice they deserve

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